Design and Testing

Our Extensive Support for Design and Testing Helps You Get To The Market Faster!

You’ll often find gaps in your engineering capacity or skill set as you venture through your design. Texellon ensures that there’s a solution to fill all these gaps. We’ll help you in all aspects of your design and ensure a quality and timely delivery, while safeguarding all IP relating to it.

Right after the design phase, Texellon will perform a variety of tests to validate the performance and durability before going into the production.

Expand Your Resource Wing

Do you have big ideas and want to see them materialize? Don’t have a huge investment or budget to allocate? Do not worry. Texellon can work with you on your preferred budget and still help you achieve your goals.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re short of engineers to complete a project, Texellon can help you in finding the right domain expertise. If your application involves functionalities that you’ve never worked with, then our expert guidance can come in handy. Our team can assist with both short and long term projects. We can bring experts from our ecosystem to get the right product/solution delivered to you at the right time.

Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

Getting to market quickly is the key to have an edge over your competitors. The first to innovate would almost always have an advantage and hence the time to market is very crucial when it comes to product development. If you are facing challenges with respect to the engineering resources needed to take on or complete a project, then Texellon can partner with you to fulfil all your resource needs.

Texellon has built an extensive network of engineering partners with proven skills in a wide range of disciplines. We always stand behind the work of every partner that we recommend and remain actively involved throughout the project lifecycle. May it be a full product design or just adding a functionality to your existing product/application, we can help you get the job done. We will keep you up to date on the progress of the project with design reviews and regular milestone reports.

Some of the key service areas where we can help you with your resource needs​