Embedded Systems

Time To Call An Embedded System Expert

When your plan calls for an embedded system for operations and control or an integrated solution for the data center or network, Texellon’s System Engineering team will get you right there at the right time. Our team understands each of the building block technologies and the complementary peripherals to develop your product. Our team understands the most popular architectures, operating systems and interfaces and how they align with the markets that you’re targeting.

We work closely with you to create the right list of materials and then we have our supplier partners who would get the right products at the right time to meet our stipulated timeline and roadmaps. We ensure that the features you’ll need are properly taken into account starting from the procurement phase to the design and delivery phase. The exposure we have in the world of technology enables us to give you unbiased recommendations and guide you to put together a complete system.

Our team works closely with all other teams (design, system engineering, integration and testing teams) to ensure that every phase is handled smoothly. You’ll appreciate our system level approach when you see the synergy between the products we integrate into your solution.

Turnkey Design & Manufacturing

Manufacturing is always deemed as complex and expensive as it involves a lot of hassle in finding the right domain expert, the right manufacturer who maintains and follows the right standards, while ensuring both quality and security of intellectual property throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Texellon would be the right partner who could handle it all. We would be your one partner who could work starting from specification to production, whilst closely working with you on every step to ensure that the objectives are met.

Texellon would also be more than happy to sign a NDA to ensure that there is no threat to any of the Intellectual Property (IP) that’s developed as part of the whole process.

As part of the design and manufacturing process, we can help you with the following

System Integration Support

If you are looking for expert guidance on an embedded systems project, Texellon’s system engineers bring a deep understanding of the required hardware elements, state-of-the-art MCUs, hardware architecture, the best software technology stack and required cloud services.

Our team stays on top of the latest technology releases starting from hardware to the software. This would help us offer you a winning edge in the market over your competitors. Our team of engineers would help you shape your product to fit the industry standards. We would recommend different ways to achieve your goals that would offer you the best overall solution fit.

Smooth Transition From Procurement To Product

As you transition from design to the supply and build stages, Texellon’s integration engineering team ensures your product gets built exactly the way you want it. We ensure that nothing is lost in the transition from one phase of development to the other. Our integration specialists will provide you with details around the integration process and then work closely with you to validate the design.

We take ownership for all the documentation, instructions and bill of materials information in our integration management system. This way everyone is in the loop no matter where they fit into the process or where in the world they’re working on your solution.